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The new Bruce Weber film for DEDON has us wistful for summer and Montauk. He’s so good at doing that.

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Previously premiering on Nowness, Bruce Weber’s teaser of his new film Barefooting Around the World is available to all on YouTube. Filmed in Montauk, its nostalgic, whimsical and god-we-miss-summer inducing tone is so what we’re feeling today as we watch the New York winter finally roll in. There’s a literal island in the sun designed by Stefan Beckman that’s made of rafts and buoys and boats and furniture by DEDON–God! We just want to be there already.

Annoyingly, YouTube has disabled the audio on this because one of the songs hasn’t received clearance, so you’ll have to open your iTunes and supplement your own soundtrack (sidenote: this is fun to do with movies like Grizzly Man where you mute the movie and dub in ill-fitting [inappropriate?] music like “Welcome to the Jungle” during devastating scenes. It lightens the mood!). But even without its audio, the film is beautiful and one we could watch over and over.

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December 3rd, 2010 at 3:09 pm

It was dangerous to bring our wallet to Cynthia Rowley’s Montauk shop, but we’re super satisfied with our new jangle.

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After unknowingly walking past the storefront twice and thinking we might just give up on finding Cynthia Rowley’s newest location, Joey finally noticed the neon blue “Shop” sign and well-designed cruiser bike out front that might as well have read “Here’s what you’ve been looking for.” Also, it helped that Cynthia; her husband, Bill Powers; and their two children were stepping outside when we decided to venture in.

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August 24th, 2010 at 12:36 pm