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Ford model Elyse Saunders has an overactive imagination that leads to some wildly beautiful artwork.

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As Ford’s Elyse Saunders sat in hair and makeup preparing to shoot for Joey No. 3, we couldn’t help but notice that the Canadian model was intensely focused on a small notebook she held in her lap. Its pages were filled with sketches—dreamlike scenes of faces, creatures, flowers and trees. Elyse, it turns out, is a lifelong artist, and after learning that she’s never really shown her work (she does maintain a blog, Tree and Treasure), we pressed the model to explain her creativity. She has a lot to say.

When did you start drawing?
I first remember drawing when I was about three or four. I had this cookie tin full of crayons and always had a stack of paper around. I’ve always had an overactive imagination, and when I found out I could create stories and characters and impossible landscapes, I was attached to my tin of crayons and craft supplies. My dad got me my first sketchbook for my fifth birthday, and I was so proud to have it. He gave me a little speech on how special this book was and to take good care of it and not to waste my pages. He said it didn’t matter what I drew in it, so long as I made each page count because I could only use one page a day. I remember I got more serious and would plan, even practicing on scrap sometimes before I started in the book. That’s when I first started drawing my dreams. The first picture in it was of a dream. I still have that book to this day.  Read the rest of this entry »

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April 14th, 2011 at 1:00 am